Seeking Support for Problem Gambling

A gambling addiction should not be overlooked. This can be a very severe issue that leads to other problems in a person's life. Currently over 80 % of grown-ups bet money in a casino at least one time a year. For most of that 80%, it is a completely safe and pleasurable activity. Sadly, for 1 % of the population, bookmaking is not only entertainment but an addiction that needs special attention to overcome. Problem gambling is identified as betting that begins to overlap and cause problems in other areas of a person's day to day life such as with their mental health, physical health, relationships, or jobs.

There are said to be certain signs that a person with an addiction needs to get help. He seems to be obsessed with the activity and is constantly making plans to do it, while forsaking other hobbies. He seems to be chasing a high and bets more and more during each excursion. The person cannot stop no matter how hard he has tried to do so. He uses the behavior as an escape from his daily responsibilities, and may even neglect them to go and gamble. He lies to friends and loved ones about where he has been and whether or not he has been betting. And, finally, he seems to isolate himself from others, only focusing on getting back in the casino and winning back what he has lost.

The initial approach to ending problem gambling is to become aware that it is an issue. It is important to acknowledge it and seek support. A professional who has received specialized training in treating addictions will know the appropriate steps to overcome this disorder. It may be necessary to participate in one on one or group counseling to discuss ways of healing. Furthermore, some individuals with intense habits may have to be admitted into inpatient psychiatric facilities in order to ensure that they are not going back to the problem and are making the proper changes to get better. If a gambling addiction is interfering with the life of someone you know, consult with an expert before the issue worsens.