UK New Gambling Regulations

When it comes to online gambling, many players turn to online casinos that are licensed in the UK. These sites are known to be among the nest in the industry and they are powered by the leading software providers. UK online casinos follow strict rules and regulations and always provide players with secure access and great layers of player protection. There have been some recent changes in the gambling laws that have an effect on how online casinos operate, so players should be aware of these when they are seeking UK based casino sites for real money gambling action.

UK Online Casinos Need Licenses

In order for an online casino to operate in the UK and offer real money games, it must be licensed and regulated. The UK is home to some of the most popular and successful online casinos and these sites are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. When a casino is licensed, it will offer protection for players against unfair treatment and will always offer trusted and secure games, top payment methods and ways to get in touch with the support team.

The process of getting a casino license from the UK is not simple and will require the payment of fees, including a 15% gaming tax for any operating company. While there are online casinos licensed in other jurisdictions that accept UK players, the most trusted are those operating right in the UK as they always adhere to local and up to date laws that will protect very real money player. It is not only online casinos in the UK that require a license. Any casino or gambling site that advertises its services to members of the UK will also require a UK Gambling Commission license.

The Prevention of Illegal Casinos

Unfortunately, there are many online casinos that are operating without a license and these sites may in fact be illegal. In order for players to be safe, the UK has taken steps to make sure that any operating site in the country is a legally operated site that meets industry standards and offers a certain level of protection to players who register at the site. Online casinos that cater to players from the UK will always follow strict gambling laws to provide a safe and secure environment for players. There are many sites that have positive reputations in the industry and casinos will offer great bonuses and a massive collection of games to enjoy. Sign up and try this bonus. With some great free cash offers and more, new players can get started quickly. This bonus is only for new members making an initial deposit.. This is just one of the many licensed and regulated sites in the UK that present realistic games, verified payouts and excellent levels of support and protection for all who register.

Types of UK Casino Licenses

There are three different types of gambling licenses that are issued by the UK Gambling Commission. The first is an operating license. This is required by any organization that will be offering gambling services and it deals with the management of the casino as well as how gambling activities are conducted. Another license is a Personal License and this is related to various operational functions that are associated with the business. Finally, there a personal functional license. It is possible for a company to require all three of these if they are operating an online casino.

Any online casino operating will require at least an operating license from the UK Gambling Commission. Other licenses may be required depending on what types of gambling services are being offered to players. There are different types of operating licenses that are available and there will vary based on what the site is offering. There are licenses for remote and non-remote businesses as well as Bingo, Casino, Gaming Machines and Lotteries licenses.

Get to Know the UK Gambling Commission

The UK Gambling Commission is an executive body of the UK Government and it is fully responsible for the regulation of gambling activities and gambling laws in the UK. This gambling commission was first established when the Gambling Act 2005 went into effect and it was in full power in 2007, gaining the responsibility of regulating casinos, bingo, betting, arcades, lotteries and slot machines throughout the UK. This Commission is also responsible for overseeing the operation of any remote gambling companies, which is not limited to online casinos.

The UK Gambling Commission is dedicated to eliminating illegal gambling and to offering players safe and secure access to gambling activities. It also is responsible for taking any necessary regulatory actions against licensed sites or establishments that breach any gambling rules in any way. All online casinos that are operating within the UK must receive a license from the UK Gambling Commission and must adhere to all gambling laws. In addition, online casinos and operators who are advertising their services to the UK must also obtain a license from the Commission.