How Do You Play The Red Dog Table Game?

In a traditional poker game, you compete against opponents and adhere to a classic set of rules. However, the many spin-offs of the original can vary greatly. Don't be fooled by the name Red Dog Poker - it's a nontraditional spin that can throw you for a loop if you don't familiarize yourself with the rules beforehand. This early-19th-century game used to be called "in-between" since it didn't really fit in with other categories at the time, and dropped out of favor for a while as it was vulnerable to cheaters. The title was successfully re-launched in the 1930s, when gambling became a legal activity in 1930s Las Vegas. One of the main differences is in the hand rankings - read on to learn more.

If you are already familiar with standard hand rankings, you will definitely notice the differences in the Red Dog table game. The Ace and 2 are still the highest and lowest ranking cards, respectively, and 2 through 10 are face-valued. Jacks are worth 11, Queens are worth 12, Kings are worth 13, and Aces are worth 14. The rules are not terribly complicated- after you place your bet, the dealer will begin with two face-up cards. The objective is to predict whether or not the third dealt will be of a value in between those of the two initial ones. The difference in value between the two initial ones determines the payout you can receive. The smaller the difference, the better the payout may be, but if the third is not of an in-between value or is the same as either of the others, you will lose.

Some of the special terminology in this title includes a "push", which happens when the initial two cards are consecutively valued. Another rule to keep in mind is that if a circumstance arises wherein the initial two cards are equally valued and the third card also matches, you will be paid out 11-1. As you can see, this game is simple and fun. However, you may not find it in every casino out there. Intercasino is one of the best online gambling websites in Canada to play the Red Dog table game for either play money or real cash, so if this game sounds appealing to you, check it out today.