The Pontoon Table Game: The Favorite Casino Game Of Many

The pontoon table game is the favorite casino game of many people around the world. It is an exciting British variant of one of the oldest and most popular casino ventures, blackjack. Its rules are slightly different. Blackjack is, of course, the American variation of '21'. All three games are played against the dealer using a standard 52-card deck. Unlike Blackjack, 21 is not played in modern casinos.

The Banker

The pontoon table game can be played with any number of players, but it is best to have between five and eight participants. When there are more than eight people, two decks are used. Before starting, a banker has to be selected. This person has an advantage: when the player and the banker have two hands of equal value, the banker wins. Therefore the banker is selected by drawing, and the person who draws the highest number becomes the dealer.

Getting Started

Before dealing, all participants place their bets on the table. It's also possible to place a side wager, or a 'Sweet 16,' which is based on the first two cards dealt. A Sweet 16 offers differing payouts. After the initial wagers have been placed, the dealer gives two cards, face-down, to all participants. Then he checks his own hand for a pontoon, which consists of a 10-value number together with an ace. If the dealer has it, he wins. If not, the game continues.

Player's Turn

The following situations can occur in the pontoon table game: a pontoon and win, a split (the person splits cards because they are of equal value), a hit (the participant asks for up to five, as long as their combined value doesn't exceed 21), a twist (asking for a new number without changing his bet), or a stand (if the participant's hand is at least 15). Exceeding 21 results in a bust, and a loss. A five-card-trick - reaching 21 with five numbers - is equal to a pontoon.The major difference from blackjack is that you can double your bet with every new card dealt, as many times as you like.