How Do You Play The Casino War Table Game?

One of the simplest games you will find in any online or land-based gambling venue is the Casino War table game. Although some may consider it boring, many players like to relax and enjoy a more mindless form of entertainment that doesn't require a lot of strategizing. If this sounds like a fun activity to you, keep reading for a little more information on how it works and even a couple tips that may help you get the most out of your time and money.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you will be playing against a dealer, rather than other players. After placing the bets, one card is dealt to each participant. The person with the highest will win even payouts. The player with the lowest value will lose. If there is a tie, you will have a couple options. You can surrender your initial bet, for one. You could also double your bet, "going to war". If you choose the go to war option the dealer will discard 3 cards and deal an additional single card. If your new card ranks higher, you will win back your initial bet, but if the dealer's card ranks higher you will lose both bets. As you can see, this definitely gives the house the better advantage.

Understanding the house advantage is important if you want to play to win. The lower the number, the better the deal for the player. If the house advantage is 2%, then they will only retain that much of your bet. A fairly average house advantage for a Casino War table game tie bet is 18.65%, so this may not really sound like a good option. However, if you use the strategy of always going to war in the case of a tie, it is better to risk it in hopes of getting back your initial bet than to just surrender without a fight and lose it for certain. Look at the number of decks used - the more decks in a game, the lower the edge you will be able to have over the house since they count on tie bets. Check out one of Canada's finest Internet gambling sites, InterCasino, if you would like to try your hand and make a little money.