The Let It Ride Table Game: Favorite Casino Game

The Let It Ride table game is a fairly easy game to learn with a few optimal strategies. Free practice is available at most online gambling halls for everyone's favorite casino game. The theoretical house advantage for Let It Ride is 3.5%, which isn't too bad. This is a poker game played on a blackjack-like table with a standard deck. Competitors try to get a pair of tens or better with up to three wagers "riding." Participants do not compete against other players or the dealer, but are rewarded for good hands received. The participants combine their three dealt cards with two community dealer ones to make their final five card hand.

Rules and How to Play

In the Let It Ride table game, participants make three equal wagers in the circles marked "1," "2," and "$," from right to left. The dealer hands out three cards to each player and then two community ones, face down, to himself. After looking at his three, a person may cancel his bet in circle 1, or he can "let it ride" and continue. Once choosing to let a bet ride, it must stay on the table until the end of the hand. Likewise, if a wager is withdrawn, it stays out of play. The dealer turns one of his two cards face up, and the participant can now take his circle 2 out of play, or keep it in. The circle 1 decision does not restrict his circle 2 option. After this, wagering is over because the '$' circle always stays in.

Final Stage

The dealer completes all the hands by turning his second card face up. If the combined five card hand doesn't produce a pair of tens or better, the dealer collects the '$' circle stakes and any that the participants kept in. If any of the participants have a pair of tens or better, the money goes to them, in accordance with the pay table.

Side Wagers

Some casinos offer a side wager for the Let It Ride table game. The cost is usually $1 and you can receive from $6 to $20,000 from two pair to a royal flush.