Every player wanting to play craps should read this

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Craps can appear intimidating, yet it really is simple to play. As a matter of fact, a player only needs to learn some bets to have a good chance at winning and playing like an expert. The most crucial bet to learn is the pass line. This is done by placing your chips on the pass line ahead of the come out roll. When the roll comes to a 7 or 11, the bet gets an even pay, while a roll of 12, 3 or 2 from the shooter means you lose. However, if any number aside from the above-mentioned is rolled, that number turns into the box point. Your pass line bet will win when the same number gets rolled for the second time ahead of the shooter rolling a 7. The house edge is just 1.41% in this kind of bet. On the other hand, the don't pass bet in craps is the opposite of the pass line bet. This one has an even lesser house edge, yet players are advised to avoid this bet unless they want to have enemies while playing. Of course, when you are playing online, you are free to choose whatever bet you like.

As soon as the point is established, players can take odds. This is another bet wherein you are wagering that the box point would be rolled ahead of a 7. This is the one bet that gives true odds, which means there is no house edge. Obviously, this is the best bet in craps. Since the house has no edge, casinos limit the amount a player can put in this kind of bet. Several establishments allow what they call a 3-4-5x odds, meaning a player can bet 3 times more than his pass line wager on a 10 or 4, 4 times more than his pass line wager on a 9 or 5 and 5 times more than his pass line bet on an 8 0r 6. If you always choosing the pass line wager and beating out the odds, the house edge is just 0.374%. This isn't allowed on the table. You can make this by putting your chips at the back of your pass line wager after establishment of the point.

As soon as you are a pro in this strategy, you can also do it in come bets. This is the same as the pass line except that a player can make this wager ahead of any roll aside from the come out roll. The succeeding roll becomes turns into the come out roll for the player's come bet. To do a come bet, a player's chips should be placed on the come line ahead of the roll. Players can also take odds on this bet like they can on the pass line wager and the numbers are the same. Once the point has been established, you should toss your chips toward the dealer and exclaim "odds on the 6" or whatsoever the point may be. The dealer will then place your chips on to the point.