Cryptologic Limited and Casino Software

Cryptologic Limited is an online gaming software company that is based in Dublin, Ireland. It was launched in 1995 by two brothers, Andrew and Mark Rivkin. A year after its founding, the company has since made deals with other gaming sites. Over the last several years, they have become one of the most prolific gaming franchises in the business. The company offers a variety of branded slots, table and multiplayer games, video slots and poker, and a host of others. The company adds, on average, 20 new titles annually to its already considerable portfolio.

The software that the company uses offers a huge collection of business services, which gives gaming site operators the tools they need to run their businesses efficiently and safely. It also allows players to quickly and easily register new accounts, and make deposits securely to these. Website owners can also easily identify and reward loyal players and high rollers, as well as implement lucrative promotions to draw in new players. Casinos that use Cryptologic, like InterCasino software, are also easily able to provide excellent customer service, available 24/7, for any issues that may arise. These services are available through email, live chat or phone.

The company has struck deals with many well-known franchise names, such as Call of Duty and Spider-man, creating a broad creative base to draw from for the branded programs and some excellent InterCasino software. With these deals, the company currently owns and employs over 280 distinct and individual casino games. All of its products can be modified to suit the tastes of the owner, or the theme that a casino is going for. With varieties such as Blade, Bejeweled, Batman, and others, it is easy for any casino or club owner to create a combination of games that fits the style of the business. This company is also famous for enormous jackpots, some well into millions of dollars. Whether the business in question is just getting on its feet or is well established and looking for a change, this is the best choice to provide all the tools a casino proprietor might need in one convenient, easy to use package.